VonRosen in Mode

Skimp on the SPF and you’ll be red as a rose, but bask in VonRosen and you’ll come out smelling like a rose. Think German and you’re more likely to conjure beer than couture, but a rose by any other name brings the world’s only luxury retailer sold exclusively online.

What’s in bloom at VonRosen? A garden of men’s and women’s ready-to-wear lines and accessory collections: shirts, jumpers, cardigans, blouses, dresses, handbags, belts, and wallets, all stemming from fabrics of optimum quality. Rooted in Berlin and produced in Italy, VonRosen is the brainchild of David von Rosen.

“Over the years, I’ve noticed that within the luxury-fashion market, exclusivity has widely been lost. Today, almost anyone can buy a piece from a large fashion brand…However with VonRosen, I wanted to bring back exclusivity to fashion,” he says. “If I want to establish a persistent luxury brand in fashion, I should allow myself to choose my customers just as the customer chooses me.”

An opulent label that defies typical luxury, the VonRosen brand is growing its fresh concept, allowing exclusive access to its collection through selective membership. It sows seeds of personal touch within the collection by engraving the shopper’s initials at the bottom of every piece. New pieces are added throughout each season, and clients will be offered new additions of styles and colors year-round. With “for invited customers only” on the VonRosen website, you can rest your fashionable self in a bed of roses.

Plant yourself at your computer and show your entitlement by logging onto VonRosen.com. Everything at VonRosen is coming up roses and das ist haute.