The Bregeut Double-Tourbillon

Here’s your chance to catch a glimpse of one of the finest timepieces ever made, the Bregeut Double-Tourbillon. Rarely seen by the live eye, this crafty watch has arrived at the Tourbillon Boutique on Wall Street in New York, and is available to view for a limited time (through this week).

This exceptional timepiece features a round case with sapphire caseback, rounded horns welded to the case and screw-pins to secure the strap. The dial is set in 18-karat silvered gold, and they are all individually numbered and signed Bregeut. But the real beauty of this watch is the twin rotating tourbillons actioned by a handwound mechanical movement. They each work separate of each other and mounted on a rotating center plate effecting a complete revolution in twelve hours. Finished with blue steel Bregeut hands, Roman numerals, and a clear sapphire caseback for optimum viewing of the movement.

To arrange a private appointment to view this timepiece, or for additional information, contact Michael Winston at 212.797.2503 or via email at