Swarovski’s Dazzling New Store in The Gardens of Palm Beach

The Swarovski store in The Gardens of Palm Beaches is getting a whole new look. With a little help from Design Miami winner Tokujin Yoshioka, who won the Designer of the Year award at the prestigious event, they are revamping their 754-square-foot space to reflect the new “Crystal Forest” retail concept.

“Swarovski’s Crystal Forest retail design concept creates an environmnent that accentuates the beauty and fine craftsmanship of our product offering. Swarovski’s boutique at The Gardens of Palm Beaches will further strengthen Swarovski’s positioning as a luxury fashion brand by creating a consumer experience that embodies Swarovski’s brand values of innovation and modernity,” says Kevin Coen, Executive Vice President of Swarovski North America Limited’s Consumer Goods Business.

Some highlights of this unique design include: A floor to ceiling crystal column near the entrance, which will be visible to passerby outside the store; textured walls that feature reflective white prisms and envelop the space to create the illusion of an organic crystal forest; white lacquer and mirror stainless steel finishes; floating window boxes that allow for unique, eye-catching displays of Swarovski’s crystal accessories; and many more crystallized touches.

This updated, albeit dazzling, new space will surely attract the likes of many curious consumers, and Swarovski hopes this concept will bring a more tangible experience to the brand and shoppers.

The Swarovski store in The Gardens of Palm Beaches is located at 3101 PGA Boulevard in Palm Beach Gardens, and is expected to debut its refinements at the beginning of July. Expect to find Swarovski branded jewelry, accessories, and home décor pieces.