Italian National Day … Cipriani Wall Street

Several weeks ago I attended a beautiful event for the Alma Graduate School at Staff USA Showroom. A quick chat with Riccardo Viale, the Director of the Italian Cultural Institute, a swap of fresh linen business cards and low and behold a week later a personalized invitation to Italian National Day at Cipriani Wall Street arrived in my West Village mailbox. Never one to miss an event with Italians nor one at Cipriani, it was a delight to check ‘will attend’ in the rsvp box.

*photo by Sabrina Chapman

Entering the scene at 55 Wall Street last night, the air buzzed of ciao and salve as all waited patiently on the red carpeted steps for a turn through the glass doors. Proceeding to the grand ballroom, steaming risotto, San Daniele prosciutto, and Caprese salads passed by on silver trays and fresh glasses of Prosecco clicked with the echoing of ‘cin cin, salute.’

Beneath the speakers exuding Vivaldi, guests donning Missoni and Ferragamo mixed and mingled. Among the crowd were Haute Living favorites, Max Girombelli and Paolo Zampolli.

Paolo Zampolli and Andrea Fiocchi

The Consul General of Italy Francesco M. Talo’, The Director of the Italian Cultural Institute Riccardo Viale, The Italian Trade Commissioner Aniello Musella, and The Director of The Italian Tourist Board Riccardo Strano presided over the evening and it was certainly an affair to remember.

*Lead Photo, Alessandra Rotondi, Daniel Lubin, Max Girombelli, Francesco M. Talo’