In Knots: Tous’ New Nostalgic Collection

Sometimes less is more. And while we have all indulged in some over-the-top jewels in recent seasons, who’s to say we can’t scale it back a notch and stick with something a little more, er, classic?

Tous, the international jewelry brand in business since 1920, has just released some viable options for those of you gals looking to tone it down. The Nostalgic Collection, new for fall, may appear as a tangled mess, but when you get down to its true meaning and inspiration its recognized more as a work of art.

Says Tous, “It’s an internal dialogue, an unbroken link between feelings and ideas, of a knot materialized into a jewel.” Said knot is made from sterling silver and twirls around to evoke the feeling of a satin ribbon, albeit a knotted satin ribbon. A white pearl is held within the knot, which represents the essence of being one. The collection is comprised of a Nostalgic Necklace, Ring, and Cuff. More information can be found at