Entertain in Style With New Eco-friendly Clarus Collection

Ah, summer. Barbecues, boat rides, it’s all about having some fun in the sun. But just because the party’s moved poolside doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your stylish dishware  for Styrofoam plates and  red plastic cups (still left over from those beer pong years.) There are plenty of reasons to celebrate with friends and family this season, and you want to do your oh-so-haute ergonomic terrace furniture justice. US Acrylic, a company that’s been manufacturing housewares for over 30 years,  has heard your cries for outdoor entertaining products, and they’ve come up with a solution: the Clarus beverage and serverware collection.

The new line boasts about 20 items featuring a contemporary design with gorgeous clarity that give the pieces a brilliant, glass-like look. The Clarus products, however, are virtually unbreakable, made with Eastman Tritan copolyester, a BPA-free polymer that not only can withstand extreme use but can be cleaned in the dishwasher without sustaining any cracks or haziness like other plastics. Clarus products are safer, greener and more durable than anything you’re serving sangria in right now, and you can guarantee you’ll be using them for many summers to come.

Now available at Amazon.com, the Clarus collection includes Luxe, Prism, Classic and Faceted styles of wine, martini and margarita stemware pieces, classic, coffee and straight walled mugs, pilsner, tumbler and rocks glasses, three different beverage pitchers as well as  individual and serving-size  bowls. Stay tuned to their website for more upcoming items.

Dining alfresco has never been so refined.

For more information, visitwww.usacrylic.com/clarus