Wear the MJ Pants

Michael Jackson was no fancy-pants. He was the real deal. And although he put his pants on one leg at a time just like the rest of us, Jackson was anything but ordinary. Own a piece of the extraordinary and charm the pants off of MJ fans (we assume that’s everyone.) Ants in pants, smarty-pants, the list goes on, but we’ll stop at the latest in pants; Michael Jackson’s famed orange pants that he wore during a performance in This Is It.

Auction company Nate D. Sanders, Inc. will auction off the pants that Jackson wore in classic dance scenes from his final performance on Thursday, May 20. We’re excited too, but just keep your pants on, there’s more. The winning bidder will get credible authenticity with photos of Jackson wearing the pants during the taping of This Is It, a letter from Jackson’s personal bodyguard who was the former owner of the pants, and a paycheck confirming the bodyguard’s employment and relationship with the late Michael Jackson.

The King of Pop began waves of fashion trends throughout his lifetime, and though his bright orange pants are not for the sartorially timid, we know plenty of Haute Living readers who aren’t afraid to meet iconic standards. Jackson items have been hot-sellers worldwide, such as gloves for upwards of $400,000, and owning one of the last known garments worn by MJ is nothing to miss out on. If you’ve always wanted the chance to step into a legend’s shoes (pants do the trick too), then bid now because this is it.

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