Trainer Kristin Anderson Helps You Get Haute and Bothered for Summer

Los Angeles celebrity trainer Kristin Anderson doesn’t train and tell…which is great because after all, she works the bodies of some of Hollywood’s biggest moguls in the industries of film, television and music. She is also is responsible for a multitude of the hot bods you see gracing the red carpet during Award Season (and many a premiere)…and even a couple of Oscar winners.

Anderson, a former figure skater, adheres to a simple program when it comes to fitness: You work out, you eat right, you get fit. Sounds so simple, so why don’t we all do it? That’s where Anderson comes in. When you sign up with her, she becomes not only your trainer (her focus is Pilates, fyi) she becomes your nutritionist and sometimes, your therapist. She is that rarity checking in with you throughout the day to monitor what you’ve been eating, how many carbs you might be imbibing, and if you’ve done the sit ups you promised her you’d do today. To help those who can’t get on to her sked, there’s her website: a step by step, uplifting site that’ll give you all the tools you need to eat right, stay motivated, and keep track of just how well you’re doing, daily. Which is probably something to get on board with now…the first day of summer is June 21, 2010 and that bikini needs to start making an appearance.

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