The Hudson Hotel’s Good Units Calls upon an Original Vintage Interior

Nothing screams originality like the vintage-inspired interior of Good Units. The former YWCA court within New York’s Hudson Hotel has been transformed by interior designer Robert McKinley into a new event and performance space unlike any other. And though it debuted back in February, the New York venue is still making headlines and magazine pages for its avant-garde ideas in design.

With 6,000 square feet of space, this original hotspot features an expansion of iconic attributes including vintage wood bleachers, era-inspired light fixtures, timeless sports posters, cargo netting, gym mats, and original graffiti art.

The dynamic area can be customized in order to fit any prestige event from fashion, music and film to artistic expression across the board. With a brand name like Morgans Hotel Group behind the project, it certainly comes as no surprise that the Manhattan venue has already hosted a variety of high-status events including several Fashion Week shows and after parties.

This isn’t the first innovative interior created by McKinley. He has long been riding the originality train with previously designed interiors including New York’s GoldBar, Cain Luxe and the Hampton’s Surf Lodge. We can only wait to see what he has in store for us next.