Q&A with Evelyn Lozada of VH1’s “Basketball Wives”

If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to be married to an NBA star, VH1 swooped in and saved the day so that you would have to wonder no more.

The series, Basketball Wives, began airing back in April, and while many big names make appearances throughout the season, we’re here to talk about Evelyn Lozada. Not only is she repped by Talent Resources, a firm that is near and dear to my heart,  (in honor of full disclosure, I must mention that my brother is one of the genius minds behind the agency, and I have been known to work my magic there as well from time to time) and one of the stars of this breakout reality television hit, but she is also the owner of Dulce, a fab shoe boutique in Coral Gables, popular with celebs and designers alike, including Lisa Pliner, as seen below.

I was able to catch with up Evelyn recently for a quick Q&A about her show and her shoes.

Haute Living: What made you decide to be on the show?
Evelyn Lozada: I decided to do my show to help promote my shoe store Dulce in Coral Gables.

HL: How would you describe your personality in comparison to those that star in the show with you? Are you outgoing, shy, etc.?
EL: No one who knows me would ever describe me as shy, I’m definitely outgoing.

HL: What are the perks of being a reality star?
EL: Doing the show has given me more visibility, which has helped me bring attention to Dulce shoes and www.dulceshoes.net, and after my daughter, so far this is one of my proudest accomplishments.

HL: Tell me what we may not know about you from what we see on the show.
EL: That I’m a perfume junkie!

HL: Tell me about your store and how your business has increased now that you are a star.
EL: It definitely has increased my business but there’s always room for growth and improvement.