Mercedes-Benz Enters the Yacht World

If you enjoy driving high-class vehicles from Mercedes-Benz, imagine what it would be like to cruise aboard one. At sea, that is.

This week, the renowned German automaker announced the creation of a new division, Mercedes-Benz Style. The company intends to put its design imprint on yachts, as well as private jets and other transport and luxury lifestyle products.

It’s not a decision undertaken lightly; the company has already done its research. “So far we have met with a very positive response from a great number of manufacturers in a variety of sectors,” says Professor h.c. Gorden Wagener, head of design at Mercedes-Benz. “In the past, our design team has already styled such products as watches and interiors, as well as numerous products for Mercedes-Benz Accessories. Mercedes-Benz design stands for innovation, and trend-setting, enduring style. We know that manufacturers outside of the automotive field are also interested in this expertise.”

The sport yacht seen here is the first watercraft the company is working on. And since the luxe vessel is still in the preliminary design stage, details on construction materials, accommodations, and where it will be built are still being determined. However, just as Mercedes-Benz designers are involved in more than just the exterior styling of automobiles, they will also be involved in both the profile and interior layout of this anticipated yacht. “We have fashion and textile designers, product designers, and typographers all working together for us,” Wagener explains.

While it may seem strange for an automaker to branch into yacht making, Mercedes-Benz believes it’s a logical extension of its business. “In accordance with the original meaning of our trademark, the ‘Three-Pointed Star’—mobility on land, on water and in the air—it is possible that the portfolio of ‘Mercedes-Benz Style’ will include the styling of boats, aircrafts, helicopters, and other transport products,” says Wagener. “The deciding factor is that both the product and the manufacturer match our exclusive design and brand standards.”