Luxury Treatments with Dr. Bonanni

Dr. Bonanni, Gotham Skincare

Manhattan elements can be the worst for skin: late night partying for breakouts, stress for fine lines, and chasing pavement for dull skin. We recently met with skincare guru Dr. Bonanni at his plush luxury 4,500 square foot skin treatment center in Midtown to talk about Chemical Peels, a great spring cleaning for your skin, just in time for a fresh and fabulous summer.

Benefits of a Chemical Peel?
Chemical exfoliation or peels will benefit any skin that is dull, and lifeless in appearance, showing signs of age or is mature, sun damaged, or is frequently exposed to environmental factors such as pollution.

Who do you recommend them to?
Chemical exfoliation can benefit anyone with dull, lackluster skin, acneic, has hyperpigmentation; fine lines and wrinkles, and is photo-damaged.  However, chemical peels should be used with caution on those with darker skin types to avoid causing hyperpigmentation.

Tinsley Mortimer, a client of Dr Bonanni at Cipriani's May '10

Downsides to the treatment?
Following a superficial chemical peel or microdermabrasion treatment, you may experience slight discomfort afterwards and your skin may look pink, much like having mild sunburn.


Keep in mind that the exfoliation treatments do not damage healthy skin, and following some mild peeling, the result is new skin that is glowing, youthful, and smoother looking.

Gotham Skincare is located at 156 West 56th Street 12th Floor, New York, NY. Visit or call (212) 616 – 9995 to schedule an appointment.