The Top 20 Miami Professionals Under 40

In our most recent issue of Haute Living Miami, we documented some of our most successful residents, or “The Most Influential People in the World’s Most Magical City.” Many of these moguls have spent years establishing their success and building a reputation where they defined themselves as the leaders of industry.

But what happens to our city when the moguls move on, either choosing to settle in to retirement, or, gasp, another city, or whatever next chapter that life may have in store. Who will be the next leaders to define the generation and carry our city into the next decades?

Luckily, the folks over at the Miami Herald were already thinking of this little pickle and brought the question to the people. Here are some of the Top 20 Successful Professionals under 40:

  1. Brian Breslin: Founder and CEO of Infinimedia
  2. Andrew L. Carricarte: Founder, president, CEO, IOS Health Systems
  3. David Clarke: CEO of BGT Partners
  4. César R. Conde: President, Univisión Networks
  5. Sara Beth Davidoff: Owner/chef, Fare to Remember Creative Catering
  6. Jaret L. Davis: Mergers and acquisitions and securities attorney, Greenberg Traurig law firm in Miami
  7. Allison M. Dunn: Branch manager, Johnson Controls
  8. Matthew S. Greer: Chief executive officer, Carlisle Development Group
  9. Nicholas A. `Nick’ Gunia: President, Alterna Corp.
  10. Marlon A. Hill: Founding partner, delancyhill

To check out their ages, quotes, and to see the remaining 10 who made the list of Top 20 Successful Professionals under 40, check out the Miami Herald article.