The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM) Celebrates its 25th Anniversary.

PCRM’s gala celebrates doctors and laypersons working together for compassionate and effective medical practice, research, and health promotion. The evening in West Hollywood was hosted by Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine president Neal Barnard, M.D., Kathy and Tom Freston, along with honorary committee co-chairs Cindy Landon, Richard Donner and Lauren Shuler-Donner, Maria and Wolfgang Petersen, and steering committee chair James Costa. Performances for the evening included Drew Broadrick, Gooding, Vonda Shepard, and Leona Lewis.
Alicia Silverstone (not present at event) and Marilu Henner received the Voice of Compassion Award at the nonprofit Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine’s 25th anniversary gala. PCRM’s Voice of Compassion Award honors those who, by word and example, have communicated caring, compassion, and the highest ethical principles. “Alicia Silverstone and Marilu Henner have had a tremendous impact in spreading the message about health issues related to diet and nutrition,” said Neal Barnard, M.D., PCRM’s founder and president. “They have played a particularly significant role in shining a spotlight on the powerful health benefits of a vegan diet.”

Also present: Libra Max, Stefan Pommepuy, Denise Weaver (Pistol and Stamen PR) Kristin Bauer (True Blood), Elizabeth Berkley, Joely Fisher, Dan Cortese (Surviving Suburbia), Frances Fisher (The Perfect Game), Rory Freedman (author of Skinny Bitch), Kathy and Tom Freston (Event Chairs), Rep. Dennis Kucinich (The O’Reilly Factor), Carol Leifer (Bee Movie), Michael Nouri (Damages), Maggie Q (The King of Fighters), Melissa Rivers, John Salley (I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here).