The 5 Highest Paid NBA Stars

What? You mean Dwyane Wade is not on this list? Blasphemy! One would think so based on his talent alone. Well, we’re pretty sure there are many other lists he tops. This list in particular mentions the five highest-paid basketball players in the NBA, according to Luxury Launches. This list is so competitive, we won’t even begin to mention the honorable mentions.

Shaquille O’Neal

No. 5 can also be considered the most famous basketball player in the NBA (next to Michael Jordan, of course). Shaquille O’Neal, who also holds the job titles of U.S. Deputy Marshall (what?), actor and rapper as well, was traded to the Cleveland Cavaliers in 2009 for a sizeable $20 million, earning him this slot on Luxury Launches’ list. Since the trade, he and fellow basketball great LeBron James practically double-teamed to earn the Cavs the top record in the NBA. Call us crazy, but we seem to think that beneath that Cavalier camaraderie exterior there’s some intense competition going on. Bets, anyone?

Tim Duncan

For being one of the lesser known NBA players, he sure gets paid a load. Tim Duncan, the San Antonio Spurs’ power forward, has earned a tenure in the league of 13 years, four of those years earning championships with the aforementioned team. Having such staying power in the NBA has rewarded him in more ways than one; but if you want to put a price on it, that price would be $22 million. Being No. 4 on a list has never had so many benefits.

Jermaine O’Neal

Number three on the list is Miami Heat’s forward center Jermaine O’Neal. Don’t worry, you’re not the only one still scratching your head at this one. Luxury Launches describes him as the archetypal example of an overpaid, underworked player. O’Neal was once the shining star of the Indiana Pacers, but we fear he’s been running out of steam and diminishing performance. Hey, kudos to him for still demanding close to $23 million; we’re sure that won’t be the case once his contract expires this summer.

Kobe Bryant

Coming in at runner up—a position we’re sure this fierce competitor cannot stand—Kobe Bryant, who’s been around the NBA block, earned a permanent position with the Lakers (which is quite rare), extending his contract for another four years. Why is he earning a paycheck of $23,034,375, you ask? Determined should be his middle name, as he continues to play with a swollen knee. Be careful, Bryant, too many fans love you.

Tracy McGrady

Finally, No. 1 on the LL list is (drumroll, please) Tracy McGrady. This is not surprising partially due to the immense name he’s made for himself. Though he’s been out for a big part of the season due to injuries, he still managed to make $23,239,561 as guard-forward for the New York Knicks. And the Knicks are apparently one step ahead of the game as Luxury Launches notes that rumors are flying that the famed franchise is looking into recruiting LeBron James once McGrady bites the NBA dust this summer.

Apparently, it’s replace or be replaced in the cut-throat world of basketball; but these guys prove that it’s definitely “survival of the fittest,” out there. One thing is certain: they are surely categorized by many as “the fittest.”

Source Luxury Launches

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