Terroir Tribeca, Coming Soon?

The peeps over at Grub Street are at it again, bringing us restaurant news like only they can. Today they schooled us about what’s on the docket over at Terroir Tribeca.

Paul Grieco and Marco Canora missed the original opening date of April 1, but no worries, since the grand event is only a week behind schedule, which is like a nanosecond in new restaurant-development time. This is the second outpost for the duo, and they aren’t just expanding their brand, but their seating capacity as well. “Triple the seats…and a bona fide kitchen,” are the official deets from the Street.

Ever craved some Riesling from a tap? Terroir on Harrison Street is where it’s at. If that doesn’t suit your fancy, there are plenty of other options, listed out in a three-ring wine binder.

Bone marrow bruscetta with garlic chives, or farro, spring vegetables, and herbs looked tantalizing enough in the photos, so we will certainly be saving the date to see if they can deliver on taste like the photographer did for us visually.

Source Grub Street