Stacey Clark and Alia Raza Present Fashion and Film

Stacey Clark and Alia Raza are two rising stars in their respective fields, Clark has established herself as a capable young designer with an interesting and innovative take on fashion, while Raza’s ability to convey raw emotion through film has garnered her much attention as well. These amazing artists teamed to create a night full of fashion and film on March 24, as Clark debuted her Odilon fall/winter 2010 collection and Raza premiered her newest film, “Dual.”

Guests were invited into a spacious yet bleak room surrounded by lifeless white walls serving as the perfect backdrop to Clark’s apocalyptic based looks and Raza’s dark film. Mannequins adorned with the collection’s latest designs were sprawled throughout the floor as attendees strolled throughout the room analyzing each outfit. After viewing the collection and enjoying cocktails, guests were called to join Raza as she debuted her latest film on a projector. Those in attendance enjoyed a dreadfully delightful event as fierce fashion blended with fearsome film to create quite the spectacular and stylish evening.

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