Private Flights and Other Everyday Items

If you could be in Sedona for breakfast, San Diego for lunch, and Miami for dinner, would you consider yourself lucky?  Well, to the people that own, charter, and purchase planes from SunCountry Flight Services here in Arizona, you would just consider yourself normal.

SunCountry Flight Services is a full-service plane, piloting, and flight-school company and they are taking care of the toys and transportation of the very mobile crowd that thinks of travel in much faster terms than most.

SunCountry offers everything flight-related that one can dream up. You’re looking to buy a plane? Call them. You’re looking to house your plane? Call them. You’re looking to have a pilot for your plane at all times, whenever you need it? Call them. You’re looking to learn to fly a plane all on your own? (You know the answer, right?) With a staff of experienced pilots based in Arizona and California, Cirrus charter flight service, top-of-the-line new models, and every other thing could possibly need for air travel, SunCountry has got it covered.

Offering charter flights for those who wish to ditch the security lines, baggage handlers, and screaming babies on flights, a school to learn to become a pilot, a plane brokerage sales department, and a full-piloting service for your own private plane, this is the place to stop for air travel needs.  After the ability to be in California in an hour, or Sedona in thirty minutes, one starts to think of automobiles as a very inconvenient and outdated form of travel. As owner Jeff Baber wisely puts it, “I don’t drive anywhere.” And, really, why would you?

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