Padma Lakshmi Hosts Second Annual Blossom Ball To Benefit Endometriosis

Top Chef host Padma Lakshmi, Tamer Seckin, MD, and Comedian Heather McDonald will join forces May 20 at The New York Public Library to host the second annual Blossom Ball benefiting The Endometriosis Foundation of America. Guests will enjoy a cocktail reception, a live and silent auction, a seated dinner, entertainment and dancing, and an after-party with music by DJ Rekha.

Amidst all the festivities is a serious message that both Lakshmi and Seckin have been working to bring to the forefront of the collective consciousness for some time now. Lakshmi herself suffers from endometriosis, and after being diagnosed and treated by renowned specialist Seckin, the two came together to form The Endometriosis Foundation of America. The EFA is a nonprofit organization working to fight the debilitating effects of a disease that affects 176 million women and adolescent girls. Through increased awareness, education, research and legislative advocacy, it is dedicated to improving lives by early detection and treatment.

New mom Lakshmi has become an icon of inspiration and hope to those suffering with the disease, and she is vocal about her commitment to the cause: “Endometriosis is one of the leading causes of infertility in women and a disease that is far too often undiagnosed or misdiagnosed. Once detected, it is a disease that is fully treatable and manageable. Because of the part of the body the disease affects, a woman’s reproductive system, people are often too shy to discuss endometriosis and it is time for us to break down those barriers and help the millions of women suffering from this disease in silence! After decades of my own suffering, I, along with the EFA, seek to spread the word of this disease and educate the masses on its symptoms and treatments.”

And what better way to get the message out there than with a fabulous party, where the influential movers and shakers of New York society will come together over this important issue. The bash is produced by Cait & Jules, with florist creations provided by Jen Stone from StoneKelly. Great Performances will present the catered dinner with a menu selected and designed by the Top Chef hostess. And Alyssa Truppelli, president of Social Digs, has come up with a way to add to this mission: If you have a Facebook profile then make sure to enter the “Take Back the Day” essay contest, and you might find yourself and a guest attending the event, and even meeting Padma.

Not the best essay writer? Don’t worry–prices for dancing and cocktail tickets start at $175, and limited dinner tickets begin at $500. For more information on the Foundation go to