ONLINE EXCLUSIVE: Q&A with Jerry Powers as He Prepares for Model Beach Volleyball

On Tuesday, we told you about one of the hottest events that will be hitting South Beach this weekend. Jerry Powers is hosting the 2010 Model Beach Volleyball Tournament at Nikki Beach on Saturday and Sunday, along with an incredible team that includes the likes of Rick Delgado, Michael Malone, and Olivia Ormos.

So what could be better than watching some of South Florida’s hottest bodies bouncing around on the v-ball courts? Well, until the weekend gets here, our answer to that question would be to catch up with Mr. Powers himself to find out the details that you just can’t get from a press release.

Haute Living: Share some of the details about what visitors will have to look forward to this weekend.

Jerry Powers: We’re kicking things off on Friday night with a big party at Wall at the W South Beach. Things will get started at 10:30 and I’m sure will go well past midnight. It’s going to be a great party for all of the modeling agencies; we already have about 180 RSVPs from the different models, so it’s going to be a great, fun chance to bring back and support the modeling scene in South Florida.

Then, for the tournament, we’re going to start on Saturday morning at 11 at Nikki Beach. No one will get eliminated on Saturday, it will just set them up for their seat for the Sunday matches. In between games, there will be live entertainment on the stage, things like a Crunch Fitness aerobics show, limbo contests, etc. We’re bringing in people from all over the U.S. and it’s just going to be a weekend full of lighthearted fun, spiced up with some competitive matches.

We’ll be doing a nice big breakfast and lunch for all of the models, contestants, and agencies, courtesy of Nikki Beach. And then, at the end of it all, not only will the winners get to claim bragging rights and trophies, but we’ll be sending the winning team away on a Caribbean vacation.

HL: Any details you can share on the celebrity athletes who will be competing?

JP: There will be a slew of celebrities coming. Unfortunately, I can’t reveal their names because they want to keep a low profile in order to just enjoy the weekend, but just know that there will be several NBA stars and household-name actors.

HL: Let’s talk about the importance of the venues—of the Friday night party at Wall, and the tournament location at Nikki Beach.

JP: Well, with Wall at the W, it’s great because it’s not just a club. The W is cool because you’ve got the lounge and then you’ve got the tropical garden and then you’ve got the pool. So, to me, all of that makes W one of the best mixed-use venues.

Then, with Nikki Beach, there is really no place like it from Key West all the way up the coast. It’s private, and cool, and on the beach. What more could you ask for? The ambiance there is so great. It’s a hip European/South Beach vibe that you don’t get anywhere else. Since they don’t have a hotel and it’s solely a beach club, they can devote their full energies to the private, club production.

HL: This is not the first time you have put on a popular beach volleyball event. What is your connection to the sport?

JP: My first connection was when I came to South Beach 17 years ago; I played volleyball on the beach, and even though I broke my fingers during the match, I kept playing (which made it worse). I’ve been a fan of Rick Delgado’s for years, so I’ve been doing beach volleyball events almost every year. Fortunately for everyone, I’m not going to be playing this time.

I have to say, I love the beach, but it’s tough to be on the beach without something to do. Reading a book is a very passive way to take it in. Watching sexy models play volleyball has got to be one of the best ways to enjoy it.

HL: What kind of impact does an event like this have for Miami Beach?

JP: In my mind, I am one of the biggest supporters of South Beach, so anything that I can do to drum up fun and support for the local lifestyle is great for me. That’s what this event is really about. It is geared for the local people. It’s not like an Art Basel or Food & Wine—well, obviously not in terms of the magnitude—but it’s just something that is going to be a real good time. It’s meant to give back to the community. I don’t make any money from this—it’s purely for fun.

Miami has been really lucky in terms of the economy and our events lately. It started in December with Art Basel, then Super Bowl, and the Boat Show, Food & Wine, and Winter Music Conference. I see 2010 Model Beach Volleyball as a kind of wind down for the season, a time to relax and enjoy South Beach. Maybe in five years it will grow and become more serious, but for now, it’s just a going to be a great Miami Beach weekend.

For more information on sponsorship or the event itself, please call 305.938.0333 or email