Haute Highlights: Making It — The Rob Weiss Story

Making it in America might look easy for A-list movie star Vincent Chase, a character on HBO’s Entourage. But in the real world, guys like writer/producer Rob Weiss (who happens to be the executive producer of Entourage) know that it’s not all “models and bottles” while trying to climb up the Hollywood ladder.

Weiss wrote and directed his first film, Amongst Friends, in 1993. Since that time, he has been nominated for three Primetime Emmys and nine other nominations over the course of his career. With six successful seasons as a writer/producer for Entourage under his belt, Weiss’ latest venture is making headlines: the HBO “dramady” How to Make It in America, which he also writes and produces.

Rachel Heller caught up with Weiss for a Q&A, which ran in our March/April Haute Living Los Angeles edition. Weiss discusses what character he most identifies with in his new show, compares filming in LA with NYC, and shares what he thinks viewers can learn from Making It. In the interview, he offers this quote, which has since become my personal mantra:

“The old adage is, the journey is the destination, and if you look at your life like that, you can’t really ever have a bad time.”

Check out Rachel’s entire article on Rob Weiss for more life lessons from this megawatt producer, who certainly is making it.