Haute Highlights: Arnold & Anne Kopelson

Haute Living first premiered almost six years ago now and grew to entail regional editions in Miami, New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. Our archives are teeming with exclusive content and profiles that may be passing under your radar, and we don’t want that. For example, just because you don’t happen to live in Los Angeles doesn’t mean that you wouldn’t be interested in a profile of Hollywood Power Couple Arnold & Anne Kopelson.

This article appears in the current edition of Haute Living Los Angeles, which happens to be our first-ever Hollywood edition. Other Silver Screen highlights in the edition include a profile of Sumner Redstone and our premiere Hollywood Power Player awards, both of which are worth a gander. But today, let me bring your attention to Tatijana Shoan’s profile of the megawatt producers, the Kopelsons.

Tatijana writes:

Their list of films reads like a “Best Of” list of blockbusters from the last quarter of a century. To date, the Kopelsons have produced 29 movies that have earned $3 billion worldwide, with another one on the way, securing their legacy in Hollywood history. In an industry fueled by lucky shots, the Kopelsons have more than luck on their side—they have experience.

She goes on to detail their surprising entrée into the industry and their subsequent rise to the top, which led to films like The Fugitive, Platoon, Triumph of the Spirit, Outbreak, Se7en, Eraser, Murder at 1600, The Devil’s Advocate, and A Perfect Murder. Read Tatijana’s article for their entire inspiring story, and then check out Arnold Kopelson’s Haute Secrets Guide to Los Angeles, where he lists his favorite restaurants, hotels, cultural events, and more.