Ali’s “Fight Doctor” Launches Book at El Scorpion

It’s not unusual to wonder what it’s like to know a legend. Well, if you’re Ferdie Pacheco, M.D., you don’t have to wonder—you know. The famous “Fight Doctor” that stood by boxing legend Muhammad Ali’s side (as well as 12 other world champions) is sharing his personal insight as to what it was like to be the man in the corner of the ring in his new book, Tales from the 5th Street Gym.

To celebrate this new project, El Scorpion Mexican Kitchen & Tequila Bar will be hosting the iconic artist and author as well as the book launch tonight from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. What’s more, this seems to be fate: the new Mexican cantina and tequila bar is just a block from the location of the famous gym that once housed these athletic greats.

Tales from the 5th St. Gym is a 272-page account that depicts a fascinating history about the renowned gym that pushed great athletes to their limits (and inevitably, their greatness). The book features a wealth of essays and other contributions from writers and insiders such as Tom Archdeacon, Angelo Dundee, Suzanne Dundee Bonner, Enrique Encinosa, Howard Kleinberg, Ramiro Ortiz, Ed Pope, Bob Sheridan, and Budd Schulberg.

Pacheco is famous for many reasons, most notably for his coaching of these 12 famous world champions; but that’s not all. He also won two Emmys for his service as a boxing commentator for NBC, Showtime, and Univision, and was the boxing consultant for NBC for 10 years during that time. He has written articles, columns, and reviews for numerous magazines and newspapers. He is a world-recognized fine painter, having won the Gold Medal and First Prize in Tonneins, France and Best Colorist at Musee du Luxembourg in Paris for his work. His paintings have famous collectors as well, among them Andy Garcia, Shirley MacLaine, Budd Shulberg, and Petula Clark. Oh, let’s not forget his tenure as pharmacist and medical doctor.

Everyone loves a doctor, and a well-versed one at that. Rest assured, Pacheco tops them all; so don’t miss your chance to meet the icon behind the legend.