The Luxuries of Bespoke

In times of economic downturn, we’ve noticed that people are not just steering away from flashy displays of opulence; some are going so far as to try to disguise their wealth. The Wall Street bankers are now more secretive about their successes, private plane owners are opting to garage their fleets, and cruising around on a luxury yacht to Saint-Tropez isn’t exactly the ideal photo op.

Regardless of the backlash against success and the trend to shun all things luxe, there are still certain things that we just can’t live without. Take for example, the luxury of some of the finest bespoke shirts in town. Kabbaz-Kelly & Sons has been a staple with those in the know for quite some time. But Alexander Kabbaz and Joelle Kelly aren’t just the creators of fine custom-made shirts, their inventory also includes collections from Zimmerli of Switzerland, cashmere scarves and socks, Italian gloves, and other drool-worthy pieces that we had to find a space for in our bureau drawers.

Check them out for yourself and you’ll see that they make the Wall Street banker look seem effortless.

Appointments for custom shirts are available daily in the East Hampton studios, Wednesday evenings at the Regency in Manhattan, or by arrangement anywhere at our mutual convenience; 866.267.7909.