The Ivy Copies The Ivy

The new three-story restaurant and lounge in Coconut Grove, The Ivy, not only shares the same name as its London influence but a similar menu as well. The Ivy menu in Coconut grove features around 50 percent of the same items as The Ivy in London, including the famed shepherd’s pie, sticky toffee pudding, and fish and chips with minted pea purée.

Tim Power, creator of The Ivy in the Grove, said that the name is not trademarked so there is nothing the Ivy in London can do about it. Power admitted to basing his project upon the inspirations of the Ivy in London, however he sought no permission to do so.

A year ago Power pleaded guilty to criminal charges of insider trading and was given an 18-month sentence. A spokeswoman from The Ivy in London made it clear that they have nothing to do with the Ivy in the Grove and are not associated with them in anyway.

The Miami restaurant’s ground floor is half bar and half casual dining. Fine dining on the second floor is available for those haute readers looking to have a more elegant experience. There is also a Raffles Private Membership Club on the third floor if you’re the type that likes to walk into a place where “everybody knows you name.”