Party-Planning Help is on the Way

Where does one start? You are responsible for hosting an haute-end event that is less than a week away and have little time to think about the catering, the mood, and the presentation. One can always look to the Internet to solve most any problem, so that is what I found myself doing. After spending time on various sites, the only one that was suitable for my party emergency was Not only did it have what I needed for the party, it also worked for my summer home, my city apartment, my aspen ski house, or even my office kitchen. I loved the various styles of elegant platters and Champagne glasses that are 100 percent disposable and easy for the haute woman or man who dislikes washing dishes. There is also an eco-friendly line to choose from. You can cup all of your worries away when ordering from

Haute Living was so excited by the convenience of this site that we have contacted them to arrange for a 10 percent discount for our readers.  Simply type “haute” into the coupon code when checking out. Happy entertaining!