McCartney’s Future Noise Problems

Will Paul McCartney be sharing the land near his Hampton house with a new neighbor? Under the vague title of Amagansett Real Estate Investment Corp, it has been uncovered that the new owner purchased the 1.9-acre piece of land next to McCartney’s estate for $900,000.

The identity of the new owner is unknown. However, McCartney hides his dealings under an investment corporation name, so it’s possible an expansion plan is in the making.

Insiders say that McCartney’s girlfriend, Nancy Shevell, will be moving in with him this summer after giving up her East Hampton oceanfront rental. Hey, maybe the music legend bought the land in order to build a place for his girlfriend. If so, it’s seems a little weird to be building a place for her next door, but hey, luxury for two can sometimes calls for an additional two acres, if you know what I mean

Now whether the land was purchased by McCartney or not, we don’t yet know. But we do know that McCartney can expect to hear quite a bit of banging and hammering from the builders once construction gets underway. Maybe some earplugs might help him deal with the construction noise, and if the land isn’t for his girls new digs, those same earplugs might even help deal with that noise too. Good luck with that one superstar!