Intimate Settings: Haute 5 Private Dining Rooms in Los Angeles

Il Cielo

Let’s say you’ve just proposed and for your sake, we’ll assume she said yes.  Why would you want to share that with the entire restaurant when you can, instead, make a grand entrance into the main dining room yelling “she said yes!” in the most dramatic way possible?  We’ve got the perfect place—Il Cielo in Beverly Hills.  One of the most romantic restaurants in Los Angeles County, Il Cielo is likewise one of the most beautiful.  The restaurant, whose name means “the sky” in Italian, is all about star-gazing before being blissfully unable to gaze anywhere but her eyes.  (Yes, you can use that one.)  You can rent out any of their separated rooms and plan the menu in advance.  The restaurant is also known for being a coveted space to throw a wedding.  Again, make sure that what she said was indeed “yes.”

Il Cielo is located at 9018 Burton Way in Beverly Hills  310.276.9990