Intimate Settings: Haute 5 Private Dining Rooms in Los Angeles

Drago Centro

Slide in to Celestino Drago’s newest and sleekest jewel in the Drago brothers’ crown – Drago Centro, so named for its central location in Downtown LA.  If you’re a small, but rowdy party of up to 16 people, take over The Flower Room, in which you’ll feel like Italian culinary royalty.  The décor has an edge that the dining room doesn’t and it really achieves an intimacy for your party, even though your closed in with clear glass doors.  Good thing you’ve never had a problem being put on display.  The Vault may be more your speed if you’re into the whole renovated-bank-vault-turned-demonstration-kitchen-and-private-dining-area thing.  With an array of multimedia capabilities, a sound system, and a literally underground location, Drago Centro’s Vault is just what you need to revive your reputation after that last place you chose.  We won’t name names.

Drago Centro is located at 525 S. Flower St, Ste 120 in Downtown LA  213.228.8998