Intimate Settings: Haute 5 Private Dining Rooms in Los Angeles

Conversations over dinner can really run the gamut from awkward small talk to game changing proposals and from light and breezy company to dysfunctional family arguments.  There are times when you’d really rather share those conversations with your table and your table alone.  The happy, pregnant couple in the corner, for example, doesn’t need to see your entire family bickering (and subsequently crying) over who chose this place and why.   Likewise, it’s much less romantic to share your date-night with the bickering couple next to you.  Thank goodness for restaurants that have planned in advance and cordoned off private dining rooms for those of you who really can’t be brought anywhere.  Here are Los Angeles’ tres haute 5 private dining rooms so that once and for all, you can swear like a sailor in a restaurant without worrying if there are little ears listening nearby.  (Okay, it’s also so you can plan some fabulous private dinner party – so chic!)

The Wine Library at Terroni

Everyone’s favorite reservation-free, delectable Italian restaurant that came from Canada, Terroni has a fun and social atmosphere not conducive to whispered sweet nothings.  The Wine Library in the back of the restaurant, on the other hand, is a beautiful private room with as many or as few tables as you’d like.  The walls hold, quite literally, a library of wine complete with a rolling ladder to help you grab that Barolo up on the top shelf.  It’s awe-inspiring to see rows and rows of wine bottles just anticipating the forthcoming loss of cork and contents.  They serve whatever you’d like in the Wine Library as well – anything from Terroni’s regular menu, that is.  Which is lucky.  You’ve always wanted to eat their food and simultaneously hear what your dining partner is saying.

Terroni is located at 7605 Beverly Blvd. in West Hollywood 323.954.0300