Ferragamo’s Warhol-Inspired Brogue

In a personal tribute to pop-artist extraordinaire Andy Warhol, Italian fashion house Salvatore Ferragamo is reintroducing the only pair of men’s shoes ever designed by Monsieur Ferragamo himself. These fanciful brogues, however, are an amusing update on the original.

Warhol, known for his quirky canvases—and even quirkier social circle—owned the original lace-up Ferragamo shoe, called the Salvatore, in the 80s. Apparently Mr. Warhol didn’t sacrifice his sense of style in the studio, and often wore the Salvatores while painting his masterpieces. After Warhol’s death, the Ferragamo family purchased a pair of the paint-speckled shoes at auction.

Now, as part of a limited edition range of “Ferragamo’s Creations,” the company is producing replicas of the Warhol shoe. Each shoe is a handcrafted revival of the designer’s original, and will only be carried by a handful of Ferragamo flagship boutiques. Made from soft, full grain, dark brown calfskin aged in barrels, each shoe will sell for $990. These show steppers are sure to be a hit among the über hip fashion crowd, so get yourself on a wait list now.