Emma My Muse

Emma Cleary is not a new name on the New York art scene, but it is certainly a fun one. As most of her fan base knows, this Dublin-born artist trained at Parsons, The New School for Art and Design, but as any art aficionado also knows, formal training does not always equate to talent and rave reviews. But Cleary has defined herself as not just any artist. She doesn’t just live a double life as a daytime artist and nighttime entertainment tastemaker, she uses her two passions to inspire and feed off of each other. What that means is that she not only supported her life as an artist through working in clubs at night, but she used what she experienced at said venues as a muse for her art.

As she herself states on her website, “I never understood why you can only defined by one occupation. My schedule allows for me to pursue both passions, so why should I have to choose? My work at night and my work during the day make up two sides to my personality and it is nightlife through the years that has served as my biggest inspiration.” She goes on to explain that the modern-day culture’s obsession with celebrity and the luxury lifestyle form the foundation for her work.

Check EmmaCleary.com for a deeper look inside the life and inspiration of the artist.