Andrew Levitas: Changing the Way of Art

If you have yet to hear of Andrew Levitas, we’re here to instruct you to crawl out from under the rock which you’ve been hiding and join the land of luxe living. On your trek back to where the tastemakers live and breathe, we must also insist that you do not pass go without penciling in a trip to Bridgehampton on America’s birthday to celebrate Levitas’ next show at Mark Borghi Fine Art.

Levitas became a well-known name in the art world back in 2007 when he revealed to the aficionados his mixings of paint, canvas, and organic materials. At the time, he was inspired to reflect on the L.A. way of life and use his art to comment on the emotions that rule our mind and souls, and the role of truth in all of it.

His project, “Photo on Metal Experiment” stirred up the conversation once again, and is said to have transformed the way that photography is presented indoors and out, changing the way art will be looked at for all of humanity.

Along with his talent for the arts, Levitas is very lucid in his thoughts and is like speaking to a poet when asked about his masterpieces. “I feel incredibly fortunate. My experience is entirely about exploration. The more one feels, sees, and lives, the deeper and more informed their work becomes,” says the artist who was one of the first in the U.S. to earn inclusion in the Société Nationale des Beaux-Arts

In a commitment to give back, Levitas is also active with charitable organizations, such as the recent auction at Sothebys to help rebuild Haiti. He donates his time to making a difference with the gift that he shares.

Your next chance to check out one of the gifted artists of our times will be at the Mark Borghi Fine Art in Bridgehampton opening July 4th Weekend. Until then, be inspired online at