And Today’s Winner Is…Hautest Agent Ari Emanuel

In our most recent issue of Haute Living Los Angeles, we premiered our Hollywood Power Players feature, identifying the who’s who that are running the industry, and thus, keeping their competition running scared. Some of the names that made our list, proving that they are powerful forces to be reckoned with in Hollywood, are Ari Emanuel, James Cameron, and Ryan Kavanaugh.

From this list, we have developed our Haute Hollywood Awards, highlighting the crème de la crème in categories like actors, actresses, directors, studios, film festivals, and more.

If you have missed these exciting daily announcements, here’s a recap of our winners so far:

  • Hautest Actor: Johnny Depp
  • Hautest Actress: Meryl Streep
  • Hautest Director: James Cameron

Topping off our list for the Haute Hollywood Awards this week is our prize for the Hautest Agent.

And the award goes to…Ari Emanuel

As everyone knows by know, Ari’s actual larger-than-life personality served as the inspiration for the Entourage character Ari Gold. In reality, Emanuel made our original list in the print edition because he serves as a co-CEO with Patrick Whitesell and Dave Wirtschafter at William Morris Endeavor Entertainment.

In addition to always earning ink for being the brother of White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel, in recent days, Ari has been in the headlines for a myriad of different causes that he has taken on, including an effort to initiate a three-strikes law against illegal file-sharers. But in recent weeks, Emanual has been making headlines for his latest “get.” Reports indicate that the Hollywood super agent has signed former John Edwards aide Andrew Young who penned a revealing tell-all tome about his former boss. Ari will represent Young as Tinseltown works on turning the book into a blockbuster.