A New Decade, a New Dimension

Albert Allen III, one of the most important masters of American abstract expressionism, began his career in a time of profound acceptance and liberation of the unusual. Over time, he developed the unique style for which he is now renowned. He blends different textures and techniques of oil and pastel use into his paper and canvas works. Proven to be a master in his own genre, he is known for coining the phrase “symphonic improvisation,” a term Allen has described as the process of focusing on the act of painting itself, where others focus on the finished work. In other words, the process itself is the work of art. His pieces reflect the abstract and symbolic themes he is known to explore open-mindedly, including his use of vigorous colors and intense style.

Allen’s latest work, The Fourth Dimension, began in 1999 as an experiment using various materials in his studio. Now, 11 years later, the limited-edition sculptural piece has transformed into a 40-inch by 30-inch frame with nearly 50 hands reaching out from the canvas. It was released with his Invisible Man sculptures, which also began in 1999.

This piece and more of Allen’s works can be found exclusively at Sherry Hill Fine Arts Gallery in Manitou Springs, Colorado. The gallery specializes in American abstract expressionist art from the post-World War II era to today. Each year, the appointment-only gallery showcases four to six solo exhibitions of the finest works from artists who are considered pioneers of this time period. With extensive contacts with scholars and international experts, Sherry Hill Fine Arts provides clients, whether beginning collectors or seasoned connoisseurs, with professional advice about creating an art collection that will not only appreciate in value but also bring the joy to the owner.

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