The Drive of Tradition and Excellence

If you thirst for speed, elegance, and tradition then Gooding & Company (hosting their first ever Amelia Island Auction) is here to quench that thirst.

True car collectors and fine automobile admirers will be thrilled to know that the auction will be showcasing an extraordinary selection of luxury automobiles. Buyers will bid for amazing must haves that include a 1961 Porsche Sports Racer, an Alfa Romeo 6C 2500 SS, a Bugatti’s Type 50, along with a 35C Grand Prix all from the renowned Williamson Collection.

The auction will provide over 70 of the hautest cars available, and our auto enthusiasts will be happy to know that event will take place on March 12, 2010, on Amelia Island, FL.

Owner and founder of Gooding & Company, David Gooding, said in a recent press release “We are excited to present these outstanding European automobiles at our Amelia Island auction.”  This auction is Gooding & Company’s debut Amelia Island auction, and they are arriving in serious style.

The auction itself is for those who prefer the finer things in life such as the Alfa Romeo 6C 2500 SS, whose extended hood, curvaceous frame, and apple red paint exude confidence and class just like our beloved haute readers.  The car was restored by world-class craftsmen and looks to provide any Alfa Romeo collector with that missing puzzle piece they’ve been searching for. Most of the superior cars the auction will offer provide potential buyers with and up lose and personal glimpse of the rarest, and best-built, cars on the planet.  Happy hunting.

The auction experience will provide a sense of taste and tradition that is matched only by the cars and their buyers.  Gooding & Company estimates that the four featured cars listed above will go in the $1 million range.  This event will cater not only to serious collectors and connoisseurs but admirers and beginners as well.