Tiger’s Redemptive Construction

Tiger Woods has gotten a lot of bad press lately, and some feel deservedly so. Now whether you love him as a Golfer or hate him as a man, everyone once and a while ‘good ole’ Tiger does some things that make us proud of him, or at least some things that makes his mother proud.

Now growing up, we were all taught to love and respect our mothers, or at least I hope we were. Now Tiger, despite his recent, and very public personal troubles, is doing something for his mother that should make many of us step back and say, “Hey, this guy isn’t such a sleazebag after all.”

So what is he doing that deserves a little positive recognition? Well, Tiger Woods has been building a magnificent $2.6 million mansion for his mother, Tida, in Unincorporated Palm Beach, just North of Jupiter.

Some time ago, Tiger bought two adjacent properties, directly across the Intracoastal, for the hefty sum of $2.4 million.  If you add up the property cost with the construction cost, Tiger has dished out more than $5 million for dear old mom.

Like Tiger or not, you have to give it to him here.  Even the most affluent among us cringe at the idea of spending $5 million on a mansion for our mothers.  So what do you think? Does Tiger deserve to be applauded for this apparently thoughtless act, or do you think he is rich enough already, so what difference does $5 million really make to him?  Let us know by leaving your comments below.