Piaggio Aero Aircrafts are the Luxury of the Skies

Piaggio Aero is not just any aeronautical company, they are one of the oldest airplane manufacturers in the world and their products are considered the Ferraris of the skies.

Piaggio Aero is one of the leading aeronautics firms in the international market today. Their job, in case you wonder, it is not just to simply build some of the best, most luxurious aircrafts flying in the clouds right now, but to participate in the design, construction, and maintenance of both aircraft and aircraft engines.

They build their aeronautical super products within three facilities all of which are located in the land of gondolas and pasta – Italy. Yet to better understand the grandness of such a prestigious company, it is best to check out some of their products.

The P 180 Avanti II

This carefully designed aircraft combines luxury, speed, and lots of comfort for those in desperate need for an upgrade in their haute lifestyle. This is not the typical uncomfortable small aircraft shown in the movies. It was specifically made for the comfort of the client. You can actually stand up straight without hitting your head, on top of enjoying the beautiful Italian style cabin that perforates the essence of the aircraft with glamour. Plus, it’s pretty fast. Really fast.

P166 DP1

This aircraft, although smaller than the P 180 Avanti II, should not be taken lightly. It was developed in the 1960s by Piaggio and there are numerous versions of the same aircraft today. The P166 DP1 is versatile and has multiple uses for which it was designed. For instance, it can turn from an executive aircraft to an air ambulance. In fact, most recently, the military version of it has been used by the Italian Finance Police for “marine surveillance to prevent illegal trafficking,” as mentioned on their website.

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