Neiman Marcus and the Men

Fashion & Lifestyle for Men’s Night Out, an event made possible by Neiman Marcus Coral Gables and Icon Brickell, took place last Thursday at the Spa at Icon Brickell. The night was dedicated to South Florida men and helping them choose the most exquisite gifts for their special someone—the perfect event to occur right before the much anticipated day for lovers. Items up for grabs included spa packages (gentlemen take note: you can never, ever go wrong with this as a special-occasion gift), delicious and intoxicating fragrances, romantic lingerie, and jaw-dropping luxury jewelry pieces by Ippolita and others, all from Neiman Marcus Coral Gables. Jeff Berkowitz, a South Florida fixture and celebrity in his own right, hosted the event, along with Morten Aagaard, Clayton Clavette, Arin Maercks, Dan Carlo, and Oscar Seikaly. The night was a success (no surprises there), ensuring many couples had a fantastic, cupid-struck holiday together. Happy belated Valentine’s Day everyone, hope it was a great one! And if your gift came from the Fashion & Lifestyle for Men’s Night Out event, we are certain it was. Because remember, fantastic gifts always equal a fantastic holiday.

Showcase of Michael Beaudry Jewels
Dan & Tina Carlo, Stephanie & Morten Aagaard