It’s After Midnight, Let Haute Living Wind Back the Clock

We all remember the story of Cinderella, or at least we all should. And for those of you who do remember, this humble luxury lifestyle blogger asks you now to close your eyes and picture the climatic scene in the movie when Cinderella danced the night away with Prince Charming in the royal ballroom. Come on readers, will you close your eyes and picture the scene already. Okay. Can you see it? If you can, I’ll happily move on to the long awaited point. If you can’t, go back to the top of this paragraph and try again.

Now, for those of you who can picture it, ponder this. When we were children, every one of us, male and female, fantasized about what it would be like to attend a true Royal Ball. Well, on February 5, some of the most fabulous people on the planet were lucky enough to live out that fantasy.

“The Princes Ball Mardi Gras Masquerade Gala” recently jumped off in NYC marking one of the sexiest and most exclusive parties to take place since way back in the time of fairytales. And for those of you who missed it, the clock reads 12:01 a.m., and your real-life chance to rock out at a royal ball may have just passed you by. I know. I know. You would have been the hautest one there. But don’t fret good readers, we have the exclusive, behind the scenes details for you. So even though you may not have attended the fairytale ball, we can at least give you a non-animated glimpse of the awesome time you missed.

Their Royal Highnesses Crown Prince Alexander II and Crown Princess Katherine, of Serbia, hosted “The Princess Ball Mardi Gras Masquerade Gala,” along with their three handsome bachelor sons Prince Peter, Prince Philip, and Prince Alexander.

On the night of the Ball, Cipriani 42nd St., in New York, was filled with a magical air of mystery as a scene traditionally saved for fairytales began to play out. The street was filled with energy as costumes and masks obscured some of the most fabulous faces on the planet, and in true spirit of masquerade tradition, many of the masks remained on for the entire evening.

Ann Maria Tornaghi and her Brazilian connection provided sounds of Rio throughout the night as Capoeira acrobats and Brazilian dancers inspired the chic and sexy crowd to move and shake, masks and all.

A five-tier cake, specially designed for the party by TLC’s Cake Boss, Buddy Valastro, stood as evening’s centerpiece. The rainbow-colored creation was cut by the royal family and served to guests with a Champagne toast.

VIP attendees of the ball included Dr. Ruth Westheimer, Dayana Mendoza, Rod and Judy Gilbert, Heidi Albertsen, Fabiola Beracasa, Kipton Cronkite, Catherine Forbes, Andrea Catsimatidis, Christopher Nixon Cox as well as many others.

Proceeds of the gala benefitted The Lifeline Humanitarian Organization, founded by Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Katherine of Serbia in 1993.

If you’re itching for more behind the scenes details, check Haute Living’s events page later today for more behind the scenes pictures.