Fine Art Auction Benefits Haiti Relief

Several elegant concerts and shows have emerged from the rubble left by the earthquakes that crumbled much of Haiti.  It is difficult to discover the positive in historical events such as these, but it has given wonderfully talented Haitian artists an opportunity to shine among the art world’s elite.  Moet Hennessey and Louis Vuitton have collaborated to bring forth a silent auction featuring amazing paintings by Haitian artists; the one and only Eli Wilner will frame the paintings.  Each painting will carry one of Wilner’s timeless and traditional frames, as part of the auction, Wilner will give away several priceless pieces.

The paintings offer an insight into the creative splendor of Haitian art, and use of bright colors display the Caribbean style that influences these talented artists.  Through a vibrant and simplistic approach, the paintings demonstrate Caribbean life in its fullest, as flavorful, serene, and full of culture.  The uniqueness of each art piece demonstrates that amidst the pain and suffering Haiti remains a country with a wonderful culture that anyone can appreciate and adore.

The auction will take place March 5, 2010 at the Cooper Square Hotel in New York.  Everything will begin at 7 pm and sponsors include Moet Hennessy, Louis Vuitton, Laka y Pam, Eli Wilner & Company, as well as the Haitian Education and Leadership Program.  Titled Marassa the event will feature invaluable paintings and frames and they will be selling anywhere from $900 to $3,500, the price estimates for the paintings include 10% of the usual retail price for each frame.  Take the time to share in an event that offers culture expressed in such remarkable form as well as exquisite artisanship, the party is sure to be a brilliant experience.