Find Love this Valentine’s Day at David W. Streets Beverly Hills

Ready or not, Valentine’s Day is almost upon us. Whether this year finds you coupled up or single and fabulous, it’s always easy to fall in love…with fine art, that is. And in Los Angeles, we recommend falling head over heels into the David W. Streets Beverly Hills Gallery, which is now featuring original works by Javier Julio.

Julio hails from Alcoy, Spain, where he personally fell in love with painting at the tender age of 14. Under the tutelage of masters like Zurbaran and Mila Gómez, Julio gained international recognition for his ability to create extremely realistic still-life paintings, which resulted in a following that includes a Saudi Arabian prince. To see his allure for yourself, head to David W. Streets Beverly Hills. At this 6,000-square-foot gallery complex (which has two separate galleries), art lovers will find Red Currants, a fantastic still life that is heavily influenced by Salvador Dali, evidenced by the melting ice. David Streets is a fine art adviser and appraiser, so he can help you navigate his collection to find works of art that you or your significant other will, in short, love.


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