“Doogie Howser” to Direct Rent

Neil Patrick Harris is slated to make his directorial debut of a musical with the premiere of Rent at the Hollywood Bowl on August 6, 7, and 8.

What’s that? Doogie Howser is going to direct Rent? Don’t be so surprised readers. The actor actually starred in the musical production playing Mark Cohen in 1997. His performance was so good in fact that it earned him a drama league award. Not to shabby is you ask us. Not too shabby at all.

Also on board for the upcoming production is acclaimed musical director Tim Weil. And for those of you who may not be familiar with Weils’ work, well he served as musical director for Shrek The Musical on Broadway, which received 8 Tony Award nominations.  His past work also includes serving as musical supervisor and conductor for Rent on Broadway.

With a 12-year run on Broadway, a Tony Award for Best Musical, and a Pulitzer Prize, Rent is one of the most groundbreaking and popular shows of all time. And with that in mind, Harris is going to surely have is work cut out for him.

Tickets for Harris’ production of Rent can be purchased on the Hollywood Bowls website beginning May 2. Enjoy the show, and we hope to see you there.