Top 10 Divorce Lawyers

Unfortunately our world today is filled with betrayals, lies and many easily falling out of love. Nowadays, divorce parties are thrown, and at weddings the guests are already betting on how long the marriage will last. It is even more difficult when there are children and vast sums of assets involved. That is why a good divorce lawyer can make the blow of divorce easier. Here is a list of the top ten divorce gurus you want on your side. If contemplating divorce I suggest you keep this one away from your spouse.

1. Sorrell Trope has represented famous clients such as Cary Grant, Britney Spears, Nicole Kidman, Rod Steiger and Hugh Grant. Yet his reputation is soaring due to his newest client, Elin Nordegren. This time Trope will be stepping out of LA and taking his skills to Florida where the divorce from Tiger Woods will take place.

2. Laura Wasser can be credited for representing Brit Brit in the famous Britney Spears vs. Kevin Federline divorce. The divorce attorney has also seen her share of rough divorce battles. Other clients she has represented are Stevie Wonder, Nick Lachey, Patricia Arquette and Kiefer Sutherland.

3. Mark Vincent Kaplan represented Chris Judd in his divorce to Jennifer Lopez. Enough said.

4. Fiona Shackleton, aka “Steel Magnolia,” has represented nearly every male of the House of Windsor. Not to mention the divorce between iconic Beatle, Paul McCartney and Heather Mills. Reportedly, an enraged Mills dumped water on Shackleton after the obvious success of the McCartney team.

5. Earl Lilly based out of Houston represented Cynthia Rodriguez in the dramatic divorce to Yankees batsman Alex Rodriguez. Lilly used the scandalous affair with Madonna to her advantage.

6. Ira Elegant represented Shaquille O’Neal in his divorce to Shaunie Nelson in 2007.

7. The New York lawyer Raoul Felder represented high profile clients such as Mayor Rudolph Giuliani, Mrs. Patrick Ewing and Robin Givens (ex-wife of Mike Tyson). His favorite so far? Mayor Rudolph Giuliani, “The Mayor was a brilliant lawyer and so discussions of the law concerning the case, strategies, etc. were interesting intellectual experiences because his input and legal give and take rose the intellectual temperature quite high. He was also scrupulously honest and forthright, which is a delightful change from most of the clients one has to deal with.”

8. Bernard E. Clair represented Jocelyn Wildenstein in her high profile billionaire art divorce to Alec Nathan Wildenstein. Jocelyn’s unusual plastic surgery choices made the divorce proceedings quite interesting.

9. Robert Stephen Cohen’s claim to the divorce court fame is representing Christie Brinkley. Brinkley sought out Cohen in both her divorce proceedings first to musician Billy Idol and then to unfaithful husband number two, Peter Cook.

10. William S. Beslow represented Patricia Duff in her divorce to Ronald Perelman. He was successful in gaining her request for a $30,000 a month paycheck and custody of her daughter. Unfortunately, lawyers can’t cure greed and she ended up losing custody of her daughter for wanting more.

Via: Business Insider