Seal the Deal Meals: The Haute 5 Places to Power Lunch in San Francisco

Nothing good can come out of doing business on an empty stomach, so for the power players of San Francisco, here are some of our suggestions for the city’s most affluent places to close the deal.

Le Central

If the governor of your state is dining at a booth with the former mayor of your city, it is probably a safe bet that the host restaurant is a must on the agenda of places to power lunch. Such is the case with Le Central. When Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger sat down to dine with former mayor Willie Brown and Wilkes Bashford last fall, they stole the city’s headlines for the day. Haute Living San Francisco’s first cover profile, Willie Brown, hasn’t kept it a secret that his favorite spot in the restaurant is table No. 2 in the bar area and as he detailed in his column, Willie’s World, which appears in the San Francisco Chronicle, at least on that day Le Central was not business-only, as Brown determined that the governor was more more relaxed than he had seen him in quite sometime and in addition to greeting strangers, he also joked about his own personal stimulus package of the day—a Brioni jacket he purchased at the Wilkes Bashford boutique in Union Square.

Le Central is located at 453 Bush St.; 415.391.2233