Hamburger Heaven: The Haute 5 Most Decadent Burgers in NYC

Seasoned ground meat shaped into a delectable round patty has been a favorite tantalizing treat for carnivorous humans for centuries.

Rewind back to the 11th century. Records report that Genghis Khan would enjoy a slab of raw meat tenderized by storing it at the base of his horse saddle after battle.

Enjoy a slab of gluttony at these NYC Haute 5 burger joints.

Spotted Pig

The best seat in the house is the corner of the bar. Enjoy a fresh frosty beer and deviled eggs as you wait for the specialty of the house, the Chargrilled Burger. This fresh juicy comes complete with roquefort cheese and the signature grilled grid on top of a golden bun. And whether you like them or not, you are getting that burger with April Bloomfield’s shoestring fries. As the United States only one-star Michelin gastropub, Ms. Bloomfield most likely earned that star with the burger so settle in and enjoy one of the best burgers in the city.

Spotted Pig is located at 314 West 11th Street, New York, NY (212) 620-0393

Corner Bistro

This burger comes with a wait, but the burger at the end of the stick is worth every tick of the clock. Young and old New Yorkers line up religiously to eat the most affordable top notch burger in New York. Acclaimed as the last of the bohemian bars in West Greenwich Village, it’s a solid critic’s pick for cheap beer and a beef patty like no other. Connoisseurs prefer it with cheese on the inside and bacon slathered on the top.

Corner Bistro is located at 331 West 4th Street, New York, NY (212) 242-9502

Rare Bar & Grill

Enter carnivorous bliss with a delectable bite from the eight ounces of freshly ground premium cow. Choose from ground Rare’s Ribeye, T-bone, New York Strip, American Kobe, Black Angus Chuck and plenty more. Weekly pairings with fresh Murray’s Cheese makes this burger truly a New York experience. A multitude of additional toppings including crispy pancetta, apple smoked bacon, sliced avocado or sauteed cipoline. Eat fast before the juice soaks the tender sourdough roll. Average patty runs about $20.

Rare is located at 303 Lexington Avenue (between 37th & 38th), New York, Ny (212) 481-1999

DB Bistro Moderne

Not only a comfort food, but also one of the most highly written about hamburger, a NYC burger list would not be complete without Daniel Boulud’s “DB Truffle Burger.” A wallet-buster ranging from $50 -$175 a burger depending on the amount of shaved truffle, its a luxury burger of demonstrative creativity. The patty is a combination of ground beef, meat from red wine-braised short ribs, foie gras, an assortment of root vegetables and back truffles. Keep an eye on the street February 8th when Boulud takes the streets of Manhattan by storm, he may have a DB burger in tow.

DB Bistro Moderne is located at 55 West 44th Street, New York, NY (212) 391 – 2400

JG Melon

For residents of the Upper East Side, meeting for a burger can only mean one thing “let’s meet at Melons.” Enjoy a thick juicy wad of grilled ground meat in the hustle and bustle of a cozy atmosphere, complete with pressed tin ceiling and weathered woods. Dim yellow ambiance cascades upon the wooden plank with your menu options scrawled across it. A burger comes basic and delicious with cheese, tomato, iceberg, a slab of red onion and a slice of pickle. Leave the black card at home as this NY institution is cash only.

JG Melon is located at 1291 Third Avenue (at 74th), New York, NY (212) 744-0585