New York Restaurants for Wintertime Meals

Just three days into it and it has already been a year full of lists. To carry on the tradition of reflecting on the past and predicting the future in list form, here is a one courtesy of the Village Voice. Need to know where to go to find the food that will warm you up from the inside out? There’s a list for that.

1. Savoy, upstairs dining room (Greenmarket, new American; 70 Prince St., 212- 219-8570) “Old 1830s townhouse, roaring fireplace, confit pork shoulder.”

2. Kom Tang Soot Bull (Korean; 32 West 32nd St., Second floor, 212-947-8482) “Charcoal barbecue over which to warm both your hands and your kalbi.”

3. Spicy and Tasty (Sichuan; 39-07 Prince St., Queens, 718-359-1601)”Copious chiles and Sichuan peppercorns warm you up, or at least numb you to the cold.”

4. Donovan’s Pub (Irish pub; 57-24 Roosevelt Ave., Queens, 718-429-9339) “Hot, strong Irish coffee, fireplace, massive, gut-warming burgers.”

5.Chez Napoleon (French; 365 West 50th St., 212-265-6980) “Heavy, unreconstructed, old-school French: Try the wild boar stew.”

6. Black Mountain Winehouse (Wine bar, snacks; 415 Union St., Brooklyn, 718-522-4340) “Warm wood farmhouse feel, fireplace, nice wine list, good, cheap house wine, mac-and-cheese.”

7. Blind Tiger (Beer pub; 281 Bleecker St., 212-462-4682) “Great beer, including from cask, perpetually crowded (body heat!), fireplace, warming soups and sandwiches.”

8. Molly’s (Irish pub; 287 Third Ave., 212-889-3361) “Cozy cottage feel, lamb stew, fireplace.”

9. Peasant (Italian; 194 Elizabeth St., 212-965-9511) “Wood-burning oven, good wine list, goat lasagna.”

10. Highlands (Scottish gastropub; 150 West 10th St., 212-229-2670) “Long Scotch list, braised lamb shank, shepherd’s pie, haggis.”

Check the Village Voice for the additional list of runners up.