Mercedes Makes a Splash at Detroit Show

At the Detroit show, Mercedes-Benz always brings something exceptional to the table. This year, they went all out with their latest selection of convertibles. Their newest 2010 E-Class Cabriolet was debuted along with the E-Class sedan, wagon, and coupe. Benz promises that the convertible benefits from all the latest developments Daimler has to offer, and more.This sporty luxury car has a new system called AirCap, designed to minimize wind buffeting in the cabin at speed, and another called Airscarf that keeps occupants warm to enable top-down driving even in the coldest weather. The E-Class convertible will be available in E350 and E550 guises, with a 268hp V6 and a 382hp V8.

Along with the E-Class Cabriolet, Mercedes brought in a sculpture to preview the next-generation CLS. Since the CLS has been such a popular vehicle for Benz, the newest model will have some big shoes to fill, and from the looks of this sculpture, it should definitely be up to par, although it looks like a car draped in sheets. The sculpture does show an SLS-inspired grill and a sleek roofline, long hood, and bulging wheel arches. Since this is all we have to go on, we’re going to have to settle until the real thing comes out.

Via: Luxist, Luxist