Maison Maurice’s Quiet Opening

Beverly Hills’ Maison Maurice quietly opened last weekend to reveal General Manager Hassan Bahsoun’s new visions for the beautifully adorned French brassiere-style locale.

Having completely renovated the large dining room to include separate areas for a bar, indoor patio, and private dining room, Bahsoun and Chef Maurice proudly opened the beautiful space with high hopes for its future. The new patio area features an innovative ceiling that can open during nice weather to further expand upon the restaurant’s sense of space and provide an alternative to indoor seating for its guests.

The large bar area has been designed in classic French brasserie style and includes traditional rattan chairs and tables elaborately decorated with collages. Preferring a more “homey” feel as opposed to the minimalist approach, Maison Maurice features no empty section of wall. Out in the delightful patio area, there is a fountain and plenty of green shrubs including elegant ivy. In contrast, the private dining room has been embellished with heavy, velveteen furniture, warm burgundy colors, antiqued chandeliers, golden lighting, and gilded frames.

When it comes to Maison Maurice’s clientele, Bahsoun is clear about one thing, “This is a beautiful space, meant to be filled with beautiful people.” He has employed a bouncer to guard the door each night, although we’re assuming that’s more for security than for selecting beautiful people…

While many will probably be jaunting over to Maison Maurice for the social scene aspect and cocktails, the locale also offers walk-in dinners for those who want to taste exquisite “bistro-inspired cuisine” including Merguez, Poulet Normande, and Crevettes a la Provencal.

No New Year’s Eve party was held at Maison Maurice this year because, according to Bahsoun, “We don’t want to disappoint our guests this early on. We plan to open softly, letting neighbors know but keeping it mostly quiet until we have everything worked out completely.” Somehow I think the web coverage of this beautiful place will quickly alert the masses to the new treasure located right under their nose.