Getting to Know Steve Millington

As the General Manager of Michael’s restaurant in New York City, Steve Millington is an extremely busy man. If you haven’t had the pleasure of getting to know him, Michael’s website has just shared a delightful article on the man who keeps their restaurant running.

Prior to becoming General Manager of Michael’s more than a decade ago, Millington was the restaurant’s breakfast manager. Described as “quite a character,” Millington’s time with Michael’s started with an ad in The New York Times. The restaurant was, and continues to be, a perfect match for Millington as he found the “ideal environment for his experience and personality; a fine-dining restaurant with a true devotion to food and wine, an unmatched connection to guests, a thoughtful and caring team that strives always to put guests first, and an appreciation for the theatrical performance that is modern fine dining.”

Millington’s passion for food and restaurants was ignited whilst growing up in Bangkok, Thailand. Once he returned to the United States, he worked in a restaurant to help pay his tuition at the Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts. Millington’s interest in both music and food continued to play equal parts in his life as he spent the next few years working in top restaurants and touring with several bands.

Eventually, the restaurateur in Millington couldn’t hold back and longer and he honed his immaculate reputation for providing “warm, kind, professional service,” as he ran lunch in New York’s Bella Luna for six years. Millington also tried his hand at the more corporate side of restaurants with a stint at B.R. Guest Restaurants, which are known for establishments such as Blue Water Grill, Isabella’s, and Ruby Foo’s.

All of the things leading up to Millington’s current success and stronghold at Michael’s are certainly crucial components that made him the extremely well-liked, passionate, and engaging General Manager that he continues to be at Michael’s.

Picture: Steve Millington with his two children.